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Launching an Online Store with a Budget!?

How many of you have the need of an e-commerce/online store site?

Did you know that the e-commerce industry has expanded 8-12% this year alone! Thats more than real estate industry and construction industry growth rate combined.

Only 56% of these e-commerce stores have an actual physical store front,  and 34% sell through their own website.

51% of Americans prefer to shop online, and the E-Commerce Industry is growing 23% over and over year after year.

The point of me telling you this is that if you have a product you sell and you are not utilizing programs such as Shopify, Mercari, Etsy, & many others then you are not maximizing the potential for your creations.

I recently found out that Shopify will not only help you set up your store front but also manage many aspects of your sales for you.

With prices ranging from $29 a month for their services up to $299 a month they can help you with fraud analysis, shipping labels, discounts, website and blogs and so much more!

I recently set up a merchant store for one of my readers to help her get a head start on her sales and she could not be more impressed.

Check out the links below and if you need help let me know.

Generating this additional income can be life changing and finding a platform that supports that for you can make all of the difference.

Recently I made it a goal of mine to create $50 additional dollars a month in income from e-commerce sales.

I started selling clothing, home decor and recently I have been really into  home-made jewelry.

My average sales a month are computing to roughly around $72 a month and my actual costs are around $22 so I am hitting my goal at $50 a month in profits.

This is really something that makes a difference in my finances for the little amount of time I spend.

Being able to hit goals right on the head and save the money I am making from these sales is so rewarding. The actual sales process only takes around 15 minutes from list to transaction completion.

That means I am utilizing my time appropriately become these sites allow me to!

If you have products to sell lets get you setup with an Online Store site today!

Some of the most beneficial features on Shopify are the most important when starting an online business.

They offer:

  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Sales Reporting
  • Marketing Tools at the click of your mouse.

I can offer services as well to help you get started, one of my biggest focuses and goals for this blog is to help others realize you NEVER CAP YOUR INCOME.

Separate yourself from the rest and start your Online Store today!


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They really are modern and easy for consumers!