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A Few SAVINGS SPECIALS that will blow you mind!

Saving money is not always easy but why make it hard on yourself?

Recently I purged and began really breaking out my bills and looking for more cost savings in my day to day life.

I was contacting vendors, calling service companies, looking for any discounts and I found quite a few alternatives and/or specials.

So I just want to share this with you as it may reduce your bills by a third like it did for me.

So lets begin here:

Internet Provider: Century-link

Currently Century-link is offering  PRICE FOR LIFE. This is a big deal for someone like me who LOVES to budget exact amounts.

So the details are below:

As long as you live at the address you are registered at you are going to get PRICE for LIFE.

So I was paying $36.99 a month for 1.75 MBPS unlimited data (this is extremely slow but it was my only option)

We upgraded to $45 a month for 10 MBPS at unlimited data and the price for life promotion.

Hughes Net in our area at 10 MBPS is roughly $69.99 for 20 MB of data bandwidth. So we are saving $24.99 by going with Century-link.

We are not subjected to rate increases or additional fees.

Check out the banner and link below if you would like more information about this promotion!



So Now Let’s Talk TV"

Streaming TV Provider: Sling

So previously I was reliant only on Netflix. Anyone who has Netflix knows the fun of binge watching but what about the new and latest HGTV episodes? 

Well after 7 times of binge watching about five different shows I wanted to find something that had a better value for what I was spending.

I then came across SLING TV and boy am I a fan!

The details:

Packages start at just $20/month.

You have the following major channels available:

A&E, ABC, AMC, CNN, Comedy Central, BRAVO, Disney, DIY Network, HGTV, ESPN 1,2, & 3, BET, FX, BBC, History Channel, Lifetime, Hallmark, HBO, MTV, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic, NBC, NHL, Nick Jr., Nicktoons, Oxygen, Outdoor Channel, Showtime, Reelz, Red TV……and this list goes on!

With the option to purchase extra packages such as kids, sports, news, outdoors, & comedy the options are never ending.

Some of the offers I found are listed below.

  1. FREE Amazon Fire TV Fire-stick with two months of Sling TV prepaid.
  2. FREE Roku Express with two months of Sling TV prepaid.
  3. Save $50 on the Roku Ultra when you prepare three months of Sling TV making total cost $49.99.
  4. Save $80 on a Air TV Player & Adapter making your total $50  when you prepare three months of Sling TV.
  5. Save $105 on the Ultimate Cord Cutter offer: Get a RCA HDTV Indoor Antenna and AirTV Bundle when you prepay three months of Sling TV! Total of just $70!
  6. Get a FREE RCA Antenna when you prepare four months of Sling TV!

Check out the Banner BELOW!

These are just some of the great deals I have found that are saving me money!

I wanted to share with you as you deserve to slash your bills too!

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