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New Year- New Savings Plan! Who is ready to PAY YOURSELF FIRST?

Who is ready to save at least $1,000 this year?

Well I am making my mission to provide three levels of savings plans that allow people at all incomes to start their wealth journey today.

All of this COMPLETELY FREE to you!

Numbers don’t lie, and too many times we catch ourselves wishing we had been savings for that special something, or even an emergency fund.

What if you had a plan to do that would encourage, and take the journey with you?

That is exactly what I want to give to each one of you!

So let’s start with the 3 levels:

Easy Challenge– Savings in a Year = $1,144.00

Medium Challenge– Savings in a Year =$2,548.00

Hard Challenge– Savings in a Year = $4,410.00

So these plans are broken down in attainable increments.

The Easy Challenge you will never deposit more than $32 in a week.

The Medium Challenge you will never deposit more than $63 in a week.

The Hard Challenge puts you saving $140 maximum for only 8 weeks out of the year never more!

All of you have the ability to save money the level depends on your willingness to invest in yourself.

Another Very Important Savings Tip is to have accounts that benefit you.

Discover offers some of the best credit cards in the nation.

Featuring Student Cards that offer No Annual Fees, $20 Each year you have a 3.0 or higher, 5% Cash Back.

The Discover Cash Back gives you 1% on all purchases and 5% on rotating categories,  but my FAVORITE BENEFIT when I made the commitment to pay off debt was 0% APR for 14 Months on balance transfers.

I personally chose this card because of the cash back options but I was able to transfer my balance from my Lowes credit card which charges 22.99% interest, my US BANK credit card which is 18.00%, and my Victoria Secret credit card at a whooping 27.99% APR. This allowed me to make one payment monthly towards all my debt and save the interest I was being charge.

The other big bonus with Discover right NOW they are offering some of the best rates on Savings Accounts. Most banks will only pay you .04% on savings below $10,000.00.  Discover is offering 1.30% APY for any amount with no minimums!

Another great account is BRIGHTPEAK Financial offering a $500 Savings Challenge or if you save $50 per month rewards will be $10 after 3 months, $15 after Six Months, &  $25 at one year, doubles to $50 at two years! The APY is .50% for accounts between $1,000 and $4,999.00!

I have both savings accounts and I love both of them!

If you are interested in a savings account with Brightpeak click here!

If you are interested in applying for one of their amazing credit cards to transfer your balance use my referral code for a $50 credit to your statement if a purchase is made in the first three months.


I only suggest products and services that I personally use to help me reduce the amount of money corporations make on me. So please do not feel pressured in anyway. I want to help each and everyone of you get ahead today!

SOOOO the first (3) people who dedicate a 2018 SAVINGS PLAN goal with me will get something special to kick start their savings!

So onto the downloads!

Each of these challenges features a PDF as well as an Excel form that you can fill out as you go!

So click below to download yours today!

If you are looking for other ways to consolidate your debt instead of saving I found an awesome resource that easily helps you understand what steps to take check out: The Best Debt Consolidation Loans to help you today!

Easy Challenge- SAVE $1,144.00 NOW!-(PDF) 

Easy Challenge- SAVE $1,144.00 NOW!-(EXCEL)

Medium Challenge- SAVE $2,548.00 NOW!- (PDF)

Medium Challenge- SAVE $2,548.00 NOW!- (EXCEL)

Hard Challenge- Save $4,410.00 NOW!- (PDF)

Hard Challenge- Save $4,410.00 NOW!- (EXCEL)