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How many times do you go to buy something and it is way more than you expected to spend?

Having a company that cares about what you are spending but more than that what you are buying and what is in it.

If you knew that you could get a 30% -50% discount off retail store prices on everyday household needs would you?

Well this is what I want to extend to you! Recently I was enlightened by a good friend of mine about a wonderful company with a great mission.

She sent me a sample of one of the products they offered. It was a tub and tile cleaner. The reason I had asked her about this product was I was using a product called Kaboom!, this product did a great job of cleaning my rust stained shower but it always left me feeling light headed due to the harsh fumes.

She shipped me the sample and it arrived at my front door a few short days later. The product itself was a bottle of concentrate and an empty spray bottle that had lines on it measuring the effectiveness desired.

You pour in the amount of concentrate you decide unlike other products where you are buying water with their determined amount of concentrate.

This allows you to have control of what you are using.

The cost of Kaboom is roughly $5 a can. The tub and tile cleaner is $5.69. So for a better product and the control of the effectiveness I spend another .69. Not to mention it makes (6) BOTTLES of Melaleuca Tub & Tile Cleaner!

Making each bottle .94!

So here is a breakdown of the many products they offer:

-Essential Oils

-Bath & Body Products (soaps, shampoo/conditioners, lotions, lip balms)

-Makeup (Foundations, Primers, Anti Aging Creme, Lip Sticks, Eye Shadow Palettes, Brow Balms, Mascara, Concealer, Blush, and MUCH MORE)

-Vitamins, Food & Weight Loss Support with healthy snacks, shake mixes, and performance packs.

-Cleaning & Laundry Products

-Dental Health Care Products

I am at the point there is just too much to list and the only way to find out if it will benefit you is to try it our for yourself.

So down to the nitty gritty!

Melaleuca The Wellness Company is at the heart of all of these amazing products.

They membership they offer is very similar to your Costco membership or Sam’s Club but BETTER!

With the membership costing on $1 for the first 3 weeks! It is an outstanding opportunity for anyone who is looking to drastically save money and get a better quality product.

So I am going to simply break out the program details and benefits below.

After the first 3 weeks your membership is only going to cost you $19 a year! That is only A $1.58 a month.

Each product offered by Mealeuca has a point value. Members are asked to commit to a 35 product point commitment by doing so you have the opportunity to earn loyalty shopping dollars. You earn more if you shop early in the month.


If you cannot afford your 35 point minimum for the month you can cancel your membership for the month and reactivate when you can.

So here is a break down on how the Loyalty Program works!

  • Every time you place an order online or by phone, you will be eligible to earn Loyalty Shopping Dollars.
  • Earn 15% in Loyalty Shopping Dollars when you shop before the 20th of the month.
  • Earn 10% in Loyalty Shopping Dollars when you shop after the 20th.
  • Sample reward calculation: Placing a 71 point order before the 20th earns you $10.65 Loyalty Shopping Dollars (71 points x 15%).
  • Once activated, your dollars are immediately available to spend on your next order.

There are over 400+ products that offer a higher quality, a better value, safer & better for your home and environment!

Melaleuca has many perks to their membership including Home Security discounts, Retail Partnerships that offer discounts with big retailers like Home Depot, Nordstrom, Macy’s & Apple.

They offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

Loyal Monthly Shoppers with a preferred member package get doorstep delivery on every product.

24/7 Access to the Product Store & Marketplace.

A Friendly call center available 6 days a week for assistance.

Not to mention earning commission for referring our friends and family switching to a better alternative!

Who wouldn’t love earning money for using great products and helping others do the same.

Then we move forward to earning $100 just by watching their videos learning about the company background.

So not only do you get better prices on products but you are earning money to spend.

The more friends you earn the more money you make! Then you get bonuses based on your advancements.

This is a great way for you stay at home moms, you penny pinching college students, but most of all for anyone who wants to save money and make money doing so.

The first 3 people to email or Facebook me will have a $10 allowance for a free sample of a product!

So I hope that this has been informative and if you are interested in getting more information find me on Facebook or email me at!

Let me get you started today with this program!