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I compiled a list of product recommendations for this page to easily outline recommended services, products, and companies that I use and/or those I know have high utilization. You maximize the utility of your dollar all from one page!

Disclosure: This page includes like and some are affiliate links below. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are all products I recommend. 

Happy Savings Everyone!

My Product Reviews

Strapless Bras- Impossible?

There are so many options when it comes to strapless and backless bras but how many of us can say that we have actually had good experiences when purchasing these items?

Well I was a skeptic on most of the new and trending options out there and figured I would put them to the test. I purchased three different products and only one of them lived up to the standards I had.

I recently was a bridesmaid in a wedding and the dress was adorable but required me to have no back or straps on my bra. I was beyond frustrated with the items available at stores like Victoria Secret, American Eagle, Lane Bryant. Sure let me spend 50+ on something you wear one time and it no longer has adhesive or falls apart after one wear.

The first product I tried was a strapless u plunge bra and it was super uncomfortable. The clasp was on my lower back and seemed to just slip every time I bent over. It was a nightmare, I was scared I was going to fall out in front of someone. I tried using the adhesive bra tape and that only made it more uncomfortable as the tape was pulling on every inch of my skin and creating this horrible sticky mess when I sweat. I luckily was able to return it. 5/10 Rating.

My second adventure was something I had seen trending online. The backless strapless adhesive bra, I order mine off Amazon. I am a current prime member and it was there in 2 days. My first attempt to wear it was with this backless dress. I was going out to run errands and it was roughly 90 degrees outside. The bra stayed in place, was not uncomfortable and resisted falling off as I went grocery shopping, lifting bags in and out of the cart into my car, as well as me sweating through the entire thing. I wore it again for the wedding and was so please it stayed on for the entire wedding. It was just as resilient as the first time I wore it. This was also awesome to enhance the cleavage. This bra had a little clasp that could be adjusted to lift and support! Overall I would give it a 9/10. The only downfall was how the cups are cut, for dresses that have the side cut out it was hard to place it without others seeing the nude colored cup.

The third option I tried was from Wal-Mart, this might have been my first mistake but it was $10! These were the silicone cups that tend to look like uncooked chicken breasts. They DO NOT stay on if you are sweating. I wore these with a cut low cut tee and by the time I got back to my car they were trying to slid down to my stomach. EPIC Failure but lucky I caught it before it fell out on the floor in public! (Can you imagine!) Well for the $7.98 they have sat in my dresser and could probably be used when the weather is not as hot but for the most part I would not recommend. 4/10.

Overall my experience lead me to believe the trending new bra was well worth the money spent!

If you have any feedback please feel free to comment! I would love to know any other products that may be useful! Share the knowledge!

Are you a predator hunter?

Okay so most people have one of two opinions when it comes to hunting. I am an avid hunter, I enjoy the outdoors, I love the wildlife but there is a fine line between hunting for fun, hunting for food, or managing the wildlife.

I have a family member that has quite a bit of land and he has 10 or 12 horses on this said land. Recently we pulled our cameras and found that there is a big population of coyotes coming through multiple times a week. We have notice a decline in the deer population and lots of carcasses being found in the woods. I have never previously hunted coyotes but being that this family member has horses we decided we needed to thin out the population to ensure the safety of the horses and other animals residing there. Remind you a typical coyote is roughly 15 lbs to 46 lbs, the ones on the camera are every bit of 60-70 lbs. These guys are huge. We now know why our farm dogs come back all torn up.

I recently purchase my very first Primos Coyote call and I am overly impressed. To start it has a 150 yard range but also features 12 alluring sounds. It is portable and has a remote for activation.

Needless to say I am excited to be able to not only manage a predator on a farm with small chickens, peacocks, and dogs but to spend some much needed time outside.

We all need to learn to take some time to not only help others but to enjoy the world around us. Too many times we fall into a repetitive track and lose sight of the things that we enjoy.

I would highly recommend the products, little did I know that it was such a popular item but also a popular hunting expedition.

Remember to always practice safe rifle handling and to be aware of all of your surroundings. Use everything you can from the animal you harvest.

Happy Shopping Everyone!

Buying VS. Pinterest Home Decor!

So lately I have really been struggling with making my house feel like home, I look around at the walls and I see nothing. With all of the hustle and bustle I put myself through the last thing I want to do is come home and not feel warm and fuzzy that I made it to couch! I have been exploring my home décor options and I cannot believe how outrageous some of the prices are at these home goods stores. I walked into Lowe’s the other day and I kid you not a painted wood sign about 3’ x 5’ was $79.99! Granted it was super adorable but I could not fathom that someone would spend that on something you probably could make at home with a stencil. Well that got my “do it yourself” mind spinning. I started looking all over online at these painted wood signs and between Etsy, Amazon, and Groupon I found quite a few really cute ones! Most of them were in the mid $20’s to low $30’s. I actually ended finding the cutest stencil set for those of you who are crafty! I think I will stick to purchasing for the sake of the time I do not have but heck it was well worth the money! If you are curious my House does run on Love and Shenanigans! I think in the future when things settle down I will be returning to my ever beloved Pinterest and trying a few projects. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to email me with the links, I would love to get feedback on projects that actually worked and had good directions. There were a few I have been pondering but my favorite has to be the outdoor cooler! Check it out!

Plate Chargers- Event Planning & Weddings

This find I am actually really excited about.

I work everyday to find the best products that not only I need but that others around me may benefit from.

In the last 12 months I have been wedding planner/maid of honor in 2 weddings. We did everything DIY and honestly there is a reason the women that plan weddings and events make as much as they do. It was super stressful and trying to do everything on a budget is not always easy well I found one of my favorite buys again today and I want to share with you. Dollar Tree has made life so much easier for me in the last 5 years.

Many of my DIY projects stem from products and materials I was able to purchase at the local Dollar Store. I am going to be sharing some of the best products I have found there including plate chargers!

I also work a second job at Innsbrook here in Missouri. We cater to many different types of events but my favorite are the weddings. We have a need for these plate chargers and for the money you cannot beat the extra mile you get out of a place setting having these. I personally have them for holiday meals at my house and no one even knows they are from Dollar Tree. Well I guess the cat is out of the bag now but for $1 I couldn’t resist!

Great Quality and really make all the difference for a dinner party!

Click the link below to go straight to their page to purchase! Can be delivered within day to your local Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree Weekly Savings Ad- Couponers HIT SAVE!


Did you know that Dollar Tree carries over 50 common household brands?

Well I also found out you can use coupons here on those brands.

In an effort to save more I have bookmarked their weekly ad and I would love to share it with you as well.

This ad will update weekly but I just got the following items using coupons and spending less than a dollar on each item!

Check it out!

-Spic & Span Cleaner-$1.00

       Manufacturers Coupon for .50 cents off.

       (4) Bottles for $2.00!

-Dawn Dish Soap-$1.00 for 12.6 fl oz

      Manufacturers Coupons for .25 cents off.

      (4) Bottles for $3.00!

-AirWick Freshener Spray- $1.00

      Manufacturers Coupon for .75 cents off

      (4) Cans-$1.00!

Policy (1) Coupon per item with a limit of (4) like coupons per household per day.

I have a ton of breakdowns from the coupons I used but these are the ones that I appreciate the most.

Below you will find the link to the weekly ad!

I will be doing a few DIY with the products from this weeks ad so stay tuned!

Are you confident in your home security?

Recently I was under the stress of trying to figure out if my home security was actually secure.

Let me start with this, about a week ago I got home and my driveway was messed up. We have an asphalt drive leading into a concrete slab.

When I got home there were tread marks all over the asphalt, a portion of the slab was cracked and there was a white substance all over.

I was so confused.

I sent a picture to my other half, and he replies what is that?

My concern was that I live in a private subdivision and to come home to damaged property was upsetting.

I made the decision that we needed to get security cameras put in place.

I did some research and there were a few features I had to have.

-Wireless Capabilities- It could record from the wifi we had at the house. I did not have to have it hardwired to our router.

-Night Vision- We live in the country and have no street lights in our subdivision. I wanted to make sure it was equipped with recording/taking photos at night time as well.

– Expandable Memory- I have an indoor security camera and it has little to no memory. I constantly have to go through the motion detection video and remove the ones of my crazy cat running through the house. I wanted the option to put in a SD card to expand the memory.

In my  search I found the SV3C Wifi Wireless IP Camera.

This camera was an indoor/outdoor wireless security camera that has motion detection & I was able to download an app to live stream.

The quality is immaculate! Even with the night vision. I bought mine off of Amazon and used Ebates to get 3% cash back on the purchase as well! Sign up by clicking the Ebates button and get $10 when you shop for FREE from me!

The install was super easy and the setup with my home wifi and the system itself was easily handled.

If you are looking for an affordable security solution definitely check this out.

A WHOPPING $42.99!

See the photos below for some pictures I have saved since we installed a few days ago!

If you have any questions please let me know.

The feeling I have no knowing there are always eyes on my house and that I can link my ADT with this camera is so peaceful.

Protecting your assets guarantees a protection for your financial health. It all is LINKED together!

Photography/Wedding Backdrop!

Saving Money the right way!

Don’t skip out on the quality of a product to get a better price. Find the right quality at the right price!

Anyone who knows a thing or two about photography and or event planning knows that it can be expensive!

Well I want to share with you a product I found that really changed the way I look at both of the categories above.

I had the pleasure of being a maid of honor in a wedding back in June.

I was also head of the planning/design of the event.

This put a little more stress than I was used to on me but I can tell you this!

Amazon saved my butt on finding affordable alternatives to some of the traditional ways to create the perfect wedding.

I also have to state that my mom is a photographer.

Can be a very expensive hobby if you do not know where to get your props cheap!

Well I wanted to find something that I could hang lace curtains on to create a nice backdrop for the head table at the wedding.

It needed to be almost to the ceiling in height, and hold at least 10 pounds of weight.

So I jumped on Amazon and find a product that had a dual purpose.

This Limo Studios photography backdrop was the perfect solution to finding an affordable way to hang the curtains and LED lights for the backdrop!

And it second use as a future photography backdrop for my mom.

It was super affordable and really tied everything together!

Really can you beat $36.99!

Just another way to reduce the spending that tends to happen when planning a wedding.

Overall the quality was great for the price, was super easy to set up and even held the weight without bowing in the middle.

Click Here to purchase if you are interested!

Worth EVERY penny and saved me so much time and effort.

“Invest in the Best is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to"

“Invest in the Best is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to"