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Easy ways to incorporate extra income into your daily life!

If you could make or earn another income of $50 -$300 in a month would you? On Average I am currently pulling in an extra $150 a month with little to minimum efforts and I want to teach you how to!  So many of the ideas I am going to cover you may have already… Read More Easy ways to incorporate extra income into your daily life!

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Never go in blind, Save Right!

Are you saving the right way? Do you SAVE TIME & SAVE MONEY? Do not go in blind, make sure to follow our Facebook for daily coupons and ways to save. So here are a few updates: For those of you utilizing our savings challenge let me tell you where I am!

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Make Easter Easy with Dollar Tree

Make Easter Easy with Dollar Tree this Holiday! For those of you like me that love Easter and love creating joy for the little ones in your life make it easy this year using Dollar Tree! We all know that kids love candy and Dollar Tree offers some of the best bang for your buck!

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Inkhead for all of your company promotional products! Promote your business today and the right way.

If you are looking for a vast variety of promotional products to promote your business look no further! INKHEAD.COM has it all! Here is a list of the products you can customize today!

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Tax Season is Here. If you do your own Taxes check this out!

Do you do your own taxes? Well I wanted to share with you how to file for $0 today! TaxAct is one of the only online services that lets you file your STATE & FEDERAL Taxes for $0!

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How is your first month saving wrapping up?

Checking in for the end of month Savings Challenge! So as you can see above I have did my deposit for the January Hard Savings Challenge. It is not too late to jump in! The first 2 people to email me that they have started with any of the programs listed in New Year- New… Read More How is your first month saving wrapping up?

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GiveAWAY- GiveAWAY- Calling all those who enjoy FREE!

Calling all of you who love FREE! Dropping the first GiveAWAY for 2018! The giveaway officially opened on our Facebook page 01/22/2018. This promotion will be closing on 02/09/2018. Grand Prize is a BRAND NEW Fit BIT Flex 2!

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A Wellness Company you would like to know!

Wellness, Health, Savings & More! How many times do you go to buy something and it is way more than you expected to spend? Having a company that cares about what you are spending but more than that what you are buying and what is in it.

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Dosh- The New Money Back App

DO YOU LIKE FREE MONEY?   So under a recommendation from a fellow reader I wanted to share with you DOSH. Dosh is a new cash back app and it is very similar to Ebates! Right now if you use my link and connect your debit card you will receive $5 and I receive $5… Read More Dosh- The New Money Back App

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Top Five Jumpsend Deals for the Week!

Top Five Deals on Jumpsend Today! Well guys you know I am a sucker for saving money! Finding the top deals on things you may need is important. Well I was browsing through some of Jumpsend’s best deals this week and wanted to share them with you. For those of you that don’t know what… Read More Top Five Jumpsend Deals for the Week!