Hello and Welcome!

This blog is focused around finding the most efficient and effective ways to save on your day to day spending with your future retirement as the end goal. I want to help others who are also financially lost in some type of way find a plan and stick to it without cutting out every expenditures they enjoy.

My name is Rachel and I work a full time, and a part time job, as well as recently opening my own marketing business. You could say I am a little over zealous when it comes to pushing for a brighter future for myself and my loved ones. I recently graduated and found that all of the things that I learned would benefit so many people. The world of economics is consistently changing.  I watched many people around me struggle to make a living but on top of that struggle to find a balance in their financial health. In my blog I will focus on many different aspects of your financial health, ways to save, as well as how to determine if you are getting the best deal.

We live to work and work to live!

Why not making working for a living worth it. Since started my original Facebook blog I have been able to help structure over twenty households’ budgetary plans. A lot of the excess spending in these household came from struggling to understand a better process was available. Reading between the lines is what I aim to teach.

My dreams are ambitious and I think too many times we allow what we think are finances are to limit us from experiencing the world.

In two short years I have enable myself to travel the world just by consolidation of my debt and simple tips and tricks I hope to share with you.